The American Canine Foundation (formerly Washington Animal Foundation) is a non-profit
organization founded in 2001 to stop irresponsible dog ownership and abuse to canines. We
protect dog owners rights and promote responsible dog ownership through education and
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ACF supports strong penalties for dangerous dog
laws that hold the owners accountable.

Breed bans are unconstitutional and based on
flawed and erroneous data which has caused
lawsuits to be filed against several cities in the
United States.

The courts have ruled Breed Bans violate the right
to be heard.

Several lawsuits have been successful in the last
3 years over litigation involving constitutional
rights of dog owners.
FACT: There are 68 million
canines estimated to reside
in America.

FACT: In our country 5
million people are bitten and
mauled by dogs of all
breeds each year (70% are
young children) because of
irresponsible dog owners
who lack education on
canine behavior.

FACT: 2.5 million canines
end up in shelters each year.
Representatives in many states
(if you are interested in become
a representative contact us)

Drafts of dangerous dog
legislation available if your city
is having problems regulating
and controling dangerous dogs.

Consultants with PhD's and
Veterinarians available to
assist with canine behavior

Staff of lawyers for assistance
litigating cases involving
canines in the courts of the
United States of America.

Complete canine education
program teaches children and
adults dog bite prevention and
responsible dog ownership.
For assistance if your rights have
been violated or your city is
planning on passing breed
specific legislation contact ACF

23969 NE State Rte. 3, Ste. G101
Belfair, WA 98528

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